New Hook & Loop Kids Backpack Collection

New Hook & Loop Kids Backpack Collection

Introducing a collection of customizable backpacks and patches designed for children on the go, at school, and in everyday use.

Our new Hook & Loop collection is a reimagined design of our original customizable bags. The patent-pending bag design allows for repeat customization using our interchangeable patches. Becco Bags began in 2021 with an idea for our daughter’s birthday party. The kids decorated accessory pouches using Velcro sticker dots to attach patches. This led to a lightbulb moment where we felt this could be something much bigger.

We’ve since released a collection of backpacks, belt bags, accessory pouches, and sleepover bags along with a wide variety of patches. The past year has been spent creating an improved collection of bags and other Hook & Loop products that we can't wait to share.

Keep reading to learn more about the unique features of our new Hook & Loop Backpacks.

Hook & Loop Kids Backpack Features 

High-Quality Hook + Loop Design

Our bags are designed with high-end upholstery grade hook and loop materials. Our patent-pending design allows your child to customize their bag repeatedly. No matter how your child’s interests change, their bag will change with them. Becco's backpacks are a pediatrician-approved weight and size for ages 2-8 to ensure a perfect fit.



Interchangeable Patches

How do the patches attach to the bags? Our patches are constructed with durable hook backing that clings to the fabric used on our patent pending loop-faced bags. Strong enough to stay attached during school, travel, and anything in between! Simply take the patch off to swap it out. No ironing or sewing is needed! Our patches can even be used as a sensory activity to keep children busy and focused at home, on the go, or during difficult transitions. Try asking your child to rearrange the patches, feel the textures, and identify shapes, images, and colors.



New Straps

The backpack straps are padded and adjustable for comfort and that just-right fit. Added loop fabric strips allow for additional customization! 



Reinforced Base

Children’s backpacks can go through a lot. We reinforced the bottom of the bag to ensure durability so your child can enjoy their Becco for years to come. 



Interior Pockets

Help keep your little one organized and their technology safe. The bag's interior features a padded tech pocket, a zippered pocket to keep things secure, and mesh pockets for easy access to frequently used items.



Water Bottle Holder

Don't let them leave home without something to keep them fueled! We included an expandable water bottle pocket on our backpacks to make staying hydrated easier for your little ones.



Travel Sleeve

We all know how tough the airport can be, especially with children. The new travel sleeve keeps your travels organized and on track. 



Patch Storage Pocket

The travel sleeve doubles as a zippered pocket that we like to use as a patch storage pocket! Your child can keep their favorite patches on hand to switch out a look when inspiration strikes or trade with a friend at school.


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We are really proud of our new backpacks and hope they are something you and your children love for a long time. They make great gifts for birthdays, sleepovers, and special occasions. 

The entire collection of backpacks is available now — simplify your holiday shopping with a personalized bag from Becco Bags!