Never Stop Changing!

Becco Bags patent pending design gives children the freedom to express their individuality and continually change the look of their bag based on their unique interests, activities, celebrations and travel.

  • 1. Choose Your Style

    Select a bag from our patent pending collection. We have backpacks, belt bags, accessory pouches and duffle bags.

  • 2. Select Your Patches

    Get creative and select the patches that best suit your style! Don’t forget to personalize your bag with our letter patches. Check back often for new releases and seasonally themed patches!

  • 3. Change It Up

    Tired of the same old look? Our interchangeable patches allow you to continually change the look of your bag. Heading on a trip? Back to school? A sleepover with friends? Give your bag a refresh with new patches!

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Find your pick in the patch!