Meet the Team

Bo Osborne- Director of First Impressions. Bo is the newest member of the team and has been making everyone who comes his way endlessly happier.

Ellie Osborne- Director of Quality Control. With the most discerning eye, Ellie doesn't let anything slip by. She dots her 'I's' and crosses her 'T's'. We are all in good hands with Ellie.

Charlotte Osborne- Director of Creative Design. Charlotte's keen sense of style is leading the way for Becco Bags. Her creativity and determination are making waves in the fashion industry.

Caroline Osborne- Director of Food, Beverage and Entertainment. Caroline is all about a good time. We are in for a sweet treat when she's in charge!

The Idea

It all started with an idea Caitlin Osborne and her three daughters had for Charlotte's 6th birthday party in September 2021. Charlotte’s friends decorated accessory pouches with patches using velcro sticker dots for adhesion. After a failed execution, Caitlin had a lightbulb moment pushing her to research loop fabrics that could be used in the assembly of a bag. After an exhaustive search, she found a loop material that is commonly used in the medical field that is soft enough for an apparel application and strong enough to securely hold a patch. Several successful prototypes were developed and a patent was filed in November 2021. What started as a fun birthday party activity has turned into a full-fledged business selling innovative and fun backpacks, belt bags, travel totes, and accessories for all ages.

About the Brand

Becco’s patent-pending loop bag designs allow for repeat customization with our hook-backed interchangeable patches that are easily tradeable amongst friends. This innovative design gives children the freedom to express their individuality and continually change the look of their bag based on their unique interests, activities, celebrations, and more. In addition to promoting creativity, Becco Bags also offers an activity to help keep children busy and focused while traveling or during difficult transitions. The bags are not only a creative outlet for children to express themselves, but they are also beautifully crafted with high-end materials. Our backpacks feature several functional elements like 2 interior zippered pockets, a travel sleeve with a hidden patch storage pocket, an expandable water bottle holder, two-way sport grip zippers, and padded straps. The backpack design is a pediatrician-approved size for ages 2-10.

Encourage your child’s creativity with Becco’s innovative design concept – creative minds inspire others!